About Our Business

About Us

All Things Liquidation

This business started as a side hustle. From flipping a few pallets out of a spare bedroom, to operating as Utah Valley Liquidation Outlet out of a 50×12′ Commercial unit, and now recognized as All Things Liquidation Wholesale, servicing the USA with liquidation truckloads, pallets, and more.


We strive to help others get started and grow in the liquidation industry. There is so much growth for this market, and plenty of room for all to succeed. Why pay wholesale when you can pay a fraction of that purchasing liquidation. All Things Liquidation can be your source for inventory whether you sell furniture, appliances, clothing, or anything else that can be found at a big retail store.

Our operations have been a one-man band for almost 3 years. As our team is growing, we thank you for being patient with us. Our processes will become more efficient as we are actively adding members to our team. Follow our Instagram and Facebook @allthingsliquidation for awesome monthly giveaways! Anyone can enter, and we will handle shipping costs.